Tips and Tricks: Arbitrarily Navigating an Array of Fields in FMP 10

To follow up with the presentation from Tuesday night, here is the first of half a dozen or so posts going into more detail on my demo files.

First up, navigating an array of fields in an arbitrary order (as opposed to tab order).

First, a little setup. To make this work you need to give layout object names to all the fields in the array. I just chose array01, array02, etc. so we can do some simple math to find out which object to go to.

Be sure and name and or number all your layout objects.

Be sure and name and or number all your layout objects.

When Filemaker allows us to go to field by name, this solution will be a little more elegant, for now you just need to name the layout objects and your field names can be arbitrary.

More after the jump:

4 x 4 Grid

Navigate by typing the arrow keys, up, down and all around.

Next you’ll need to select all the object in the array and point the onObjectKeystroke trigger to the script and pass a parameter telling it the dimensions of the array, In this case 4 x 4 the parameter should look like:

4 & ¶ & 4
Set the Script Trigger and Parameter

Set the script trigger for all the fields and insert the array size for the parameter.

After that, you’re ready to go. The script just determines where in the array you are, then adds or subtracts one, to move side to side, four for up and down.

You can increase the size of the array, name all the new fields on the layout appropriately, then change the parameter for the script to 6 x 6, 10 x 10, etc.

6 x 6

You can increase the size of the array, just remember to adjust the script parameter.

You can even make the array any shape you need, 12 x 3 works just as well as 6 x 6.


12 x 3

The grid can be arranged any way you like.

Download the sample file here.


Stay tuned for my next post on “Soft” validation using script triggers.


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